The Swiss Barefoot Company

Ian Hicks, Wiltshire Barefoot Runners
As a barefoot runner I was blown away by the ground feel that Swiss Socks give, I can honestly say I thought I was running barefoot. They in no way altered my gait, which is very important for me. My first run on gravel tracks was very enjoyable, enabling me to feel every stone, but with the added bonus of not having to worry about sharp stones that may cause me harm. They are very comfortable and a great deal of fun. They make a worthy addition to my running gear.

– Ian Hicks, Wiltshire Barefoot Runners

Anna Toombs - Editor, author, runner
Being an athlete who does most of their running barefoot, I struggle to find footwear that allows my feet to move freely. I am therefore a big fan of the Swiss Socks because they truly have fantastic barefoot simulation, with just enough protection to take the edge off rough ground or very low temperatures. I would highly recommend them for anyone who needs to cover their feet but still remain in complete control of how their feet move.

– Anna Toombs - Editor, author, runner

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